Dexibellِ CLASSICO L3

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Dexibellِ CLASSICO L3

کیبورد88 کلاسیک  L3

CLASSICO L3 is a new keyboard made by DEXIBELL.
Based on T2L (True To Life) technology, the CLASSICO L3 offers an amazing sound quality never achieved before in the reproduction of classical organ sounds. All in a portable keyboard size offering the benefit of a light weight and portable instrument.
L3 is the perfect synthesis of technology, design, quality construction, and fully manufactured in Italy.
Several details make the L3 a unique instrument for professional and amateur use for classical music performance and use in the world of worship.
Amazing “True To Life” quality thanks to our new technology that combines “Sampling & Modelling” at 24 bit - 48 KHz with its unique algorithms and an unlimited polyphony.

5 Organ sets:       

American Classic

German Baroque

French Symphonic


English Romantic

+ Loadable User Sets

Each Organ set includes:       

7 Stops in MANUAL I

3 Stops in PEDAL

6 Stops in MANUAL II

for a total of 80 Stops    

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